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Coalbed Methane (“CBM”) Business

About The Project

In 2008, Canada Can-Elite Energy Limited (“Can-Elite”) was approved by the Ministry of Commerce as the first foreign-funded coal-bed methane enterprise in China, and jointly developed the Anhui Sunan coal-bed methane project with China United Coal-bed Methane Co., Ltd., and exploration (including preliminary research), Geological data collection, exploration data collection) and mining (surface engineering and underground drilling, the duration is 30 years commencing from April 2008. According to the product-sharing contract, the ratio of profits between Can-Elite and China United is about 70:30.

In the Anhui Sunan CBM project, there is a total area of ​​567.843 square kilometers. The first phase of the integrated development project includes the Luling and Sunan blocks, of which only the 23.69 square kilometers of the Luling area has obtained 3.158 billion cubic meters of proven CBM. The comprehensive development and utilization of the Anhui Sunan Coalbed Methane Project has invested a total sum over 200 million yuan.

The project is the block in the close proximity of the developed cities in the East China among all CBM blocks. The project is located in the northern part of Anhui Province, on the geographic north-south boundary. This area is situated in a superior geographical location, connecting the North and the South and covering the East China.

The operational advantage of the project is that Anhui Province is one of the main regions for domestic natural gas consumption. Based on the huge demand for natural gas in Anhui Province, the demand in this area exceeds 12 billion cubic meters per year. The natural gas consumption in this area is expected to increase year by year.


The top drive drilling device used in the development equipment of the Anhui Sunan coalbed methane project: hydraulic top drive DQ20-LHY-Y, is a new type of drilling device used to replace traditional drilling equipment. It integrates mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic. It has a complex structure and interdisciplinary. It is one of the major technologies in the field of oil drilling today, and is known as the third revolution in the field of drilling equipment. It represents the high level and development direction of the oil drilling industry in the 21st century and special oil drilling equipment for electromechanical fluid integration.

The top drive is suitable for cluster directional drilling, highly deviated wells, and horizontal wells, and is more suitable for deep wells and ultra-deep wells, and can effectively save drilling time and ensure the safety of operations.


Clean energy is a strategic sector with a business focus and investment by the Golden Jubilee International Holdings Group. Anhui Sunan Coalbed Methane Project Group is listed as an “AAA-level project”, giving the greatest “tilt” in terms of funding, policies and resources.

For the Sunan CBM project, the first phase of Golden Jubilee International Holdings Group focused on building the "211" project:

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Committed to cooperating with Huaibei, the two major
coal industry groups in Northern Anhui have all-round cooperation
The goal is to achieve reserves of 10 billion cubic meters. Target daily gas production million cubic meters

“Sixteen Characters”Policy

Coal-bed methane is an important part of the national clean energy strategy, a strategic resource that the country pays close attention to, and is included in the long-term strategy of promoting energy production and consumption revolution. The exploration and in-depth development of coalbed methane projects benefit the country and the people, effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conform to the principles and trends of national sustainable development, and have dual value and significance in improving social and economic benefits.

According to Mr. Pan Jibiao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golden Century International Holdings Group Limited, the Group will intensively carry out project promotion and upgrade work, and conduct extensive research and business model deduction from the upstream and downstream industrial chain and horizontal market collaboration.

“Combination of exploration and mining, industrial linkage, gas cooperation (coal and coalbed methane mining), comprehensive development”

the Sixteen Characters Policy forms the strategic development framework of "Comprehensive Development of Clean Energy.