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About Us

The Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1981. It was approved to be renamed as "Golden Century International Holdings Group Limited." ("GCI") [Stock Code: 00091.HK] from 18 March 2020 onwards.

Taking Hong Kong as a base for connectivity with the Mainland, GCI is a Hong Kong Main Board listed company with a profound foundation and a global vision. It has precise strategic implementation capabilities, professional innovative service capabilities, and a full range of capital strength to provide "create the future, achieve your and our high-quality services”.

There are currently three main business areas:

① we continue to develop licensed financial service in Hong Kong. Providing investors in a highly efficient and professional manner in the areas of dealing in securities, dealing in futures contracts, advising on securities, advising on futures contracts, asset management, credit services, and wealth management.

② we cultivate inland industries. The Group has taken the lead and a place in the field of strategic resources, and cooperate with a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC to explore and develop clean energy of coalbed methane with tens of billions of cubic meters of resource reserves. 2.Simultaneously, the Group adapts to the market, exhibits its advantageous position, and invests in the development of a new real economy.

③ we expand the global market by providing financial services for Chinese around the world and "One-Belt One-Road" international cooperation, and further consolidating and developing international business.


"Industry + finance" double wheel drive

A comprehensive industry and finance platform for precise customer wealth management and global asset allocation needs

Investor Relations

Honesty oriented, value creation / future oriented and excellence oriented