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About Us

The Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1981. It was approved to be renamed as "Golden Century International Holdings Group Limited." ("GCI") [Stock Code: 00091.HK] from 18 March 2020 onwards.

Taking Hong Kong as a base for connectivity with the Mainland, GCI is a Hong Kong Main Board listed company with a profound foundation and a global vision. It has precise strategic implementation capabilities, professional innovative service capabilities, and a full range of capital strength to provide "create the future, achieve your and our high-quality services”.

There are currently three main business areas:

▲ First and foremost, we continue to develop Hong Kong's financial license business, and provide investors with qualified, credible and efficient professional services such as securities brokerage, advice on securities, wealth management, asset management, etc.

▲ Second, we cultivate inland industries. The Group has taken the lead and a place in the field of strategic resources, and cooperate with a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC to explore and develop clean energy of coalbed methane with tens of billions of cubic meters of resource reserves. Simultaneously, the Group adapts to the market, exhibits its advantageous position, and invests in the development of a new real economy.

▲ Third, we expand the global market by providing financial services for global Chinese and "One-Belt One-Road" international cooperation, and further consolidating and developing international business.

Company Honour

Group qualification

The securities subsidiary of Golden Century International Holdings Group Limited. has 1, 2, 4, 5, 9 (securities trading, futures contract trading, advice on securities, advice on futures, and asset management) issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission and are regulated SFC Central Number

SFC Central Number

CE Number: BJD 407 GCINT(HK) Limited (Class 1, 2 license)

CE Number: BJD 406 GCINT Asset Management Limited (Type 4, 5, 9 license)

Its subsidiary, GCINT Wealth Management Limited, has an insurance brokerage company license issued by the Insurance Regulatory Bureau

Insurance Authority License Number

Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority License Number

MLR No.: MLR3172  Money Lender's Licence No.: 0165/2021

Group Honor
  • 2020 Listed Company Awards of Excellence

  • China Securities Bauhinia Award
    (At the time called "International Standard Resources Holdings Limited")

  • The most valuable listed company
    (At the time called "International Standard Resources Holdings Limited")

  • Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise-Energy Development Enterprise
    (At the time called "New Smart Group Limited")

Corporate Culture

All employees of GCI have well experiences in local and overseas first-class financial institutions. This excellent team is composed of those industrial development talents and financial professional elites. Adhering to the business philosophy of "customer-oriented and honesty-based", we provide customers and partners with opportunities in creating, managing and inheriting wealth.


Group Development Strategy

Hong Kong is the world's leading international financial centre, which brings together the world's top talents and resources. At present, China has become the world's largest industrial base and has the world's most complete industrial chain. Hong Kong plays the indispensable roles of connector and converter in global resource allocation.

GCI is based in Hong Kong, relying on the Mainland, and facing the world, taking advantage of Hong Kong's status as an international financial centre to carry out international strategies:

▲Further consolidate the Group's accumulated industrial and financial business foundation over the years, expand financing channels, increase the scale of asset management, increase asset returns, and integrate capital and projects;

▲Expand overseas outlets, expand overseas teams, combine the Group's own advantages and powerful resources in the Mainland to build a global comprehensive industry and finance platform under the new economic model;

▲Provide one-stop borderless global securities, funds, insurance, equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, debt financing, wealth management, asset allocation and other products and services, integrate global financial market products, pipelines and investment institutions and other resources, and combine assets. The balance sheet extends from domestic to overseas, forming a globalization of capital management, asset allocation and active financing; and

▲Cultivate a global customer system and provide professional and customized global financial services.

Corporate Development

The Group has been continuing to develop in many fields for the past 40 years such as Hong Kong construction engineering, industrial investment, hotel and tourism, mainland natural gas pipeline construction, wealth management and financing services.


Listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stock Code:00091.HK


It was said that "New Smart Energy Group" was rated as:
Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise-Energy Development Enterprise


The Group has successively obtained multiple financial licenses in Hong Kong, and is approved to conduct securities brokerage, provide advice on securities, asset management and other businesses


Under the new economic model, GCI has built a global integrated industry and finance platform integrated with finance


The Group's Canada Can-Elite signed a contract with CNOOC's China United CBM "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" for exploration and development of coalbed methane resources in Huainan with an area of 567.8 square kilometres


The reserves were first proven in some cooperative blocks of coalbed methane resources.
The industry was called "a major landmark breakthrough" After the National Nuclear Record, it entered the trial production stage, and was called as "International Standard Resources Holdings"
It won the "China Securities Bauhinia Award" for its the most valuable listed company


Officially changed its name as: Golden Century International Holdings Group Limited.Acquired SD Limited, SD Asset Management,Independent Insurance Broker- UAI International