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About Us

The Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1981. It was approved to be renamed as "Golden Century International Holdings Group Limited." ("GCI") [Stock Code: 00091.HK] from 18 March 2020 onwards.

Taking Hong Kong as a base for connectivity with the Mainland, GCI is a Hong Kong Main Board listed company with a profound foundation and a global vision. It has precise strategic implementation capabilities, professional innovative service capabilities, and a full range of capital strength to provide "create the future, achieve your and our high-quality services”.

There are currently three main business areas:

① we continue to develop licensed financial service in Hong Kong. Providing investors in a highly efficient and professional manner in the areas of dealing in securities, dealing in futures contracts, advising on securities, advising on futures contracts, asset management, credit services, and wealth management.

② we cultivate inland industries. The Group has taken the lead and a place in the field of strategic resources, and cooperate with a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC to explore and develop clean energy of coalbed methane with tens of billions of cubic meters of resource reserves. 2.Simultaneously, the Group adapts to the market, exhibits its advantageous position, and invests in the development of a new real economy.

③ we expand the global market by providing financial services for Chinese around the world and "One-Belt One-Road" international cooperation, and further consolidating and developing international business.

Company Honour

Group qualification

The securities subsidiary of Golden Century International Holdings Group Limited. has 1, 2, 4, 5, 9 (securities trading, futures contract trading, advice on securities, advice on futures, and asset management) issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission and are regulated SFC Central Number

SFC Central Number

CE Number: BJD 407 GCINT(HK) Limited (Class 1, 2 license)

CE Number: BJD 406 GCINT Asset Management Limited (Type 4, 5, 9 license)

Its subsidiary, GCINT Wealth Management Limited, has an insurance brokerage company license issued by the Insurance Regulatory Bureau

Insurance Authority License Number

Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority License Number

MLR No.: MLR3172  Money Lender's Licence No.: 0165/2021

Group Honor
  • 2020 Listed Company Awards of Excellence

  • China Securities Bauhinia Award
    (At the time called "International Standard Resources Holdings Limited")

  • The most valuable listed company
    (At the time called "International Standard Resources Holdings Limited")

  • Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise-Energy Development Enterprise
    (At the time called "New Smart Group Limited")

Corporate Culture

Talents of GCI composes highly trained industrial professionals and well experienced elites from the local and overseas financial institutions. Adhering to the business philosophy of "customer-oriented and honesty-based", we provide customers and partners with opportunities in building, managing and inheriting wealth.


GCI will keep staying in Hong Kong, relying on the Mainland, and facing the world, take the advantage of Hong Kong's status as an international financial centre to carry out globalization strategies:

By taking the advantage of the well-developed resources networks, to explore global business markets, to construct a comprehensive industrial-financial services platform, providing two-way financing channels between international capitals and high-grade projects in the mainland, to enhance investment returns and size of asset under management, achieving a win-win situation for all parties.

Under “industry+finance” dual driver business strategy, further compacting foundations in clean energy, comprehensive healthcare, and advanced manufacturing business. Through deep insights and strong financial position in the market, finding and investing cutting-edge industrial projects. To provide a good environment for the growth of the listed company and to provide a steady return to the global investors.

Actively develop the international financial market, cultivate and expand customer base, through its excellent, unique and comprehensive financial products and services, meet the demands of diversified, professional, and customized financial needs from the clients. Help the clients to achieve their wealth creation, protection, and inheriting.

Corporate Development


In 1981, the Company was listed in the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange with Stock Code: 00091.HK

During this period, the Company has developed in diversified business areas, including construction, industrial investment, hotel and hospitality.

The affiliated company, Shanda Jinxi, was established in Hunan in 1998, and has become a comprehensive industrial financial platform on equity investment.


By the approval of supervisory body from the Central Government, the group's wholly-owned subsidiary – Canada Can-Elite Energy Limited and China's State-owned enterprise specializing in coalbed methane exploration and development - China United Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd. signed a 30-year exploration, development and Product Sharing Contract (PSC) for coalbed methane resources in the Su’nan area of Anhui Province..


Was named the "Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise - Energy Development Enterprise" (the Company wasn called "New Smart Energy Group Company Limited" then).


The coalbed methane reserve was initially confirmed in the exploration which was called “major landmark breakthroughs” by the industry experts; In June 2014, the Ministry of Natural Resources (was under the name of “Ministry of Land and Resources” then) approved the reserve record. It provided a good prospect of the project, the exploration and development continues.

In 2014, the Company won the "China Securities Golden Bauhinia Award" and was named "The Listed Company with the Most Investment Value" (the Company was called "Standard Resources Holdings Company Limited” then).


The Company has developed licensed financial services business in Hong Kong in the areas of dealing in securities, dealing in futures contracts, advising on securities, advising on futures contracts, asset management, credit services, and wealth management.

From March 18, 2020, the company officially changed its name to "Golden Century International Holdings Group Limited".

"Industry + Finance" dual-driver strategy of was established, and the industry plus finance system has been formally developed.

The "coalbed methane 211" development strategy was established, and the integrated project of exploration and development of coalbed methane in Sunan was launched.

The Company was nominated the "Outstanding Award – Listing Company" by the Hong Kong's leading financial media "Hong Kong Economic Journal".

The Company is actively developing in the healthcare products industry, and entered the manufacturing and sales of healthcare materials and equipment field.


With the advantages of integrated operations, the operating performance of the Company is greatly improved.

Introduced a number of industry experts in varies businesses and successfully introduced two powerful shareholders.

The "coalbed methane 211" strategy was officially launched, gas production in the core area of ​​coalbed methane project is initially realized, together with gas transportation and utilization to the nearby urban areas.

In addition, the Company invests in the global artificial intelligence drug research and development platform, provides new momentum to the development of the healthcare sector.